I have to commend Angelita on finding one of my new favorite locations in Delaware. Even though I do travel quite frequently I've lived in Delaware my entire life, and it's rare to find a new location in New Castle County. With that being said I'm not telling anyone where it is lol. I usually don't mind sharing locations, tips, etc but not this time nope. 

Ken and Angelita came super prepared. Ken actually got lost coming to the location, that's how hidden it is. My gps stopped working on the way too I just tried to follow the handful of signs I did see. We were going for the late autumn vibe with all of the leaves falling, and it couldn't have been more perfect. The contrast with the location, and their outfits were almost perfect in my eyes. They were super cool, and fun to work with. It was really difficult going through the proofs, because all of the photos were really nice.