Okay, so Carter's father Newdy Felton called me last minute because he needed photos for Carter's birthday party invitations. I just happened to have a client cancel on me the day before he called so I said let's do it! Directly across the street from the college where I recently graduated, Wilmington University, was a small carnival that I'd be thinking about shooting at, and he was open to any ideas I had so we decided to shoot there. As soon as I arrived Carter and her mother, Taniah English, were on the merry go round having a ball. As soon as she got of I'm pretty sure she knew the day was about her and posed her little heart away. Carters only stipulation was that someone got on the ferris wheel with her lol. Newdy doesn't ride rides and that's the end of that, period. So after Taniah rode on the ferris wheel with Carter the rest of the shoot was a breeze. The only downside to the entire shoot was that I'm pretty sure that the popcorn that we were eating was stale, but everyone was so hot and hungry we ate it anyway. 

Taniah is a graphic and website designer be sure to check out her site at www.IAmNiaE.com