Time really does fly. Recently I had the pleasure of photographing J and Totiyana for their engagement session. The cool thing about capturing their photos is that I've known them both for just a little over 10 years now! We all went to the greatest high school in Delaware of course Christiana High. Back then I would've never thought that I'd be a photographer taking photos of weddings all over the world. We have all have a pretty decent relationship with one another so taking their photos was a piece of cake. I had the idea that since it's where they both met that it'd be a great idea to go back on Christiana High School grounds and do half of their session there. I'd say we did more laughing and talking more about old school memories than we actually did shooting. Once we left Christiana they changed outfits and then we headed to Philadelphia to finish the session. I had a great time and you can tell that they love to laugh by looking at their photos.